Last of the Season: Melons & Margaritas

IMG_0258Summer is slowly coming to an end, which in Texas, means cooler weather is rapidly approaching. In fact, we actually got some this weekend, but I’m not holding my breath as this weeks forecast is back up in the nineties.  While we are all itching to bust out our sweaters and scarves, This particular seasonal crossover allows for glorious finds at the farmers market. The last cucumbers, melons, and peppers are still making an appearance, but the fall favorites are starting to show themselves too. Although, I am eagerto be able to walk outside without my make up sliding off my face, I am not quite ready to let summer slip through my fingers. Reflecting on these last few months, I definitely got in my vacation time, hiking, swimming at the springs, but the one thing I did not get my fill of are summer fruit and margaritas. Now, in most cases, they don’t have to be combined. In this instance, I went for the most bang for my buck. Inspired by Rio Rita’s Honeydew Thyme infused tequila, I grabbed a cantaloupe and jalapeños from the farmers market. I’ve dipped my fingers into infusing many a time (yes, the rumors of bacon infused vodka are true), but for the sake of quenching my thirst, the juicer came out!

I’m looking forward to drinking this Jalapeño Cantaloupe Margarita next year, all summer long.

Jalapeño Cantaloupe Margarita

  • 1/2 cantaloupe, cubed
  • 1 jalapeño (seeds removed)
  • 1 lime- tequila of choice-triple sec (or Cointreau)
  • ice
  • agave (optional)

Put cantaloupe, jalapeño, and half of the lime through the juicer. In a glass, pour 2 parts tequila and 1 part triple sec over ice, top off with melon pepper mix. Garnish with lime wedge.

Note: I find margaritas are very personal, just like coffee in the morning. Some like them stronger, sweeter, or more sour. I dissolved a little agave and shook it in with the mix and tequila. However, you like your margarita, this one is delicious! Enjoy!

Ready, Reset, Go!


Vacation, it’s like milk, it does the body good. It also did my tired little brain some serious good. It has been a while since my last post and while I realize I have a little guilt about that, a break definitely helped me realign myself. Since my last post, I left a negative work environment to join the warm and welcoming family at Opa Coffee and Wine Bar. Thanks to having days off, I now have much more time on my hands to be cool and crafty!
Thanks to this great new job, I could also take time to have a vacation! I made my yearly trek to the West Coast to see my friends, Emily and Zane. My trip was filled with beach outings, museums, dancing, Vegas adventures, lots of great food, and more beach outings. Being an East Coast girl, sometimes all that is missing from central Texas is the ocean.IMG_1063
My brief sabbatical also allowed for some alone time which I utilized for self reflection and planning for my future. The one thing that kept creeping into my mind every chance that it could was a memory of a lunch date I had with one of my favorite farmers. He spent our lunch recounting stories from 40 years ago about a wealthy man he used to work for, being flown around the world, real estate scams, unknown love, etc. His stories were something you would read in a book or the beginnings to a movie. I was fascinated and envious at the same time. During my time away I kept thinking to myself, “I want to be able to have my own stories like this.”
To jump start my story making, I bunkered down and worked on a very detailed two year plan. I’m very eager to begin checking items of my list and looking forward to sharing with you, until then… Stay tuned.

Mission: Commission

IMG_0005I had a professor in college named Barbara Dowling.  She was tall, slender, with wild red hair, and the personality to match.  She once told me that when it comes to making stained glass windows (that was my focus by the way) it’s important to make sure that before you even begin to make a window, you’ve got a place to put it.  I think the same holds true for other types of art, and in this case craft, as well.

I love to embroider, as I’ve said many times before.  But like windows, I should follow the same advice that Ms. Dowling gave me, but I don’t. I have stacks of embroidered tea towels, dinner napkin sets, and more.  That’s why you can imagine that I was so thrilled to have been contacted by a couple of folks to do some commissioned embroidery work.


embroidered apron

Above, a birthday present for one of the founders of the Commerce Street Supper Club.  (If you are in the Austin area and love food of any kind, you need to check them out.) I also did two pieces for someone else, although one is only shown currently, an embroidered apron.  It was so nice to be able to create something and give it a home.

I still have the itch to stitch, so if you are interested in taking some already embroidered towels off my hands or you want your own custom goodies, please contact me via email, Facebook, blog, etc.

For more pictures of already embroidered goods, check out: made by laura lee Etsy Shop


Late Night Tacos


I love to eat, I think that is no secret at this point, but I must say I really don’t like eating late at night.  I’m certainly no nutritionist, but I’m pretty sure I am on to something.  Sometimes though I will get so hungry at 11 o’clock at night and I know I won’t be able to sleep with my stomach rumbling.  The other night, I gave in and made tacos!  Not your ordinary tacos.  I Instagram-ed a picture and posted it over social media and I have received some interest for the recipe.  So… here it is:

Late Night Tacos

2-3 cloves of garlic (chopped or diced)

Olive Oil (or whatever your preference for sautéing)

2-3 diced breakfast radishes

2-3 diced parsnips

2 purple cabbage leaves

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce (I use Mae Ploy)

Agave nectar

Taco Topping of your choice: avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, etc.

In a saute pan, caramelize the garlic with a little agave nectar on low heat.  Remove garlic from pan, add oil, sautee parsnips and radishes until softened, add desired amount of mae ploy. Add garlic back to pan.

Spoon parsnip, radish, garlic mixture into cabbage leaf taco shell.  Add garnishes and enjoy!


Turning Up the Volume



Ok, I missed posting last week… My apologies, I must say the guilt factor is high.  All it takes is missing one or two posts, the next thing you know it’ll be a year.  That being said, I’ve had a lot going on! I am super excited to announce that I have taken on a little bit of a new role in the music world.  Inspired by my friend Lisa Kettyle and her past experience with music venues, I have started doing some booking and sound at the Firehouse Lounge on Monday nights for the Avi & Friends Songwriter Showcase.

As someone who works seven days a week, I never, let me say this differently, never, get to get out and go see live music.  Booking Monday nights has been a great way, and yes, somewhat selfish of me, to see music I wouldn’t normally get to see. It has been getting me super motivated and inspired to write some new songs myself.  This coming week I am beyond elated to be playing with Ann Sauder, Grace Park of The Deer, and Amy Sue Berlin, who just released a brand new album.

Booking and doing sound doesn’t seem like much I realize, but it is so nice to get paid for something I love doing.  It seems like a step in the right direction.  I feel more connected to the music community in Austin than ever before.

Speaking of the music community, earlier in this post I mentioned my friend, Lisa, well, I can’t think of a better time to mention someone that is working her tail off to create a stronger music community.  Lisa is in the midst of raising funds to open her own music venue.  She needs our support! Check out her indieegogo campaign here: The Chestnut Theater